Why Choose Us?

Our clients say that what makes us special is that they trust us – and trust is quite an issue in the property world. Trust can’t be wished for, it has to be earned. And the way to earn it is by giving clients the best advice and getting them the best price – ALWAYS!

Company Profile

As a growing business house we have always strived to be associated with the best and work with the policy to give our customers a perfect balance of - Product, Price, Quality, Dedication and Availability

A Real Estate Proprietor Company formed in 1988 started by Mr.Virender R.Makol and then taken over by Son Harsh V Makol. Our Company has property deals in every corner of Mumbai, Mahrastra and Gujarat. However, our core expertise is In Commercial Properties. Being at the forefront of the growth of Commercial sector, and offering services and a quality of life its very hard to find in smaller Competitive commercial premises, if you want a lifestyle tailored to your true needs we could help in same as per your Needs

Our Mission

Every client, whether they are a large, medium or small business or a private individual will have a dedicated agent with a full understanding in the area of his or her expertise and who is also able to offer sound investment advice. Our mission is to deliver exceptional Properties and workplaces at a great value for money.

Our Vision

Our vision is to stand as the real estate advisers of choice in Mumbai and Maharashtra for all our clients needs. We do not wish to be the biggest, but the best, as judged by our clients. We Take Pride when the client benefits from our insider knowledge of the real-estate market. We feel satisfied when we save client's time, money, and effort. Our aim is to take appropriate action to ensure clients receive an excellent service. We as a company view ourselves as the catalyst for our client to realize their wishes, and achieve their goals.


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